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of Otis

HI! My name is Otis and I have a very special story.  It goes something like this...


My owner was a teacher, whose love for animals was instilled in her heart by her father.  She spent many years in the big city with her husband and son before moving to the country and acquiring a menagerie of animals.


I lived with my family for 8 years.  I brought my mother so much joy, frustration and love each and every day for those 8 years.  My favorite place to sleep was on her bed but always on her husband's side.

Then came the day, September 2, 2013, when my mom went outside and called and called for me but I never came.  After searching all over the property, her husband brought her the news that he had found me.  He thought I'd died of heat stroke but upon closer inspection discovered that I had been shot on our own property.  


The police were called and my mother took me to our vet.  Even though my mother didn't want to she had our vet do an autopsy and remove the bullet for the police.  Much to her surprise they discovered and removed 2 bullets from different guns.  

To say she was devastated was a huge understatement!  She had me cremated and today I rest in peace on her nightstand by the bed where I loved to sleep.

The foundation will provide assistance to families who may not have the extra finances available to save their pet in an emergency situation. Pets who might die or be euthanized, who would otherwise have a chance at survival are candidates for assistance.  So many people have a love for animals, whether they are dog, cats, or whatever.  The joy, happiness, comfort and unconditional love they give is priceless and in return their lives should not come at a price. 


My mother loved me so much and misses me everyday and by establishing this foundation for the pets of New Braunfels Veterinary Clinic, she hope to save other pet owners the loss she felt with me.  She will give as many gifts as she can in my memory; however, if you would like to make to donations to the foundation they will be greatly appreciated and will open the doors to helping even more animals.

Donations can be made  to  the "Friends of Otis" foundation by contacting:

New Braunfels Veterinary Clinic

1868 Common Street , New Braunfels TX 78130


(c/o Karen Reber / Lauren Bueche)


All cases are screened by the veterinarians and staff at New Braunfels Veterinary Clinic before the  foundation is notified and all funds are dispersed on an as needed basis.


Through many months of depression and sadness, my mother finally came to terms with my death.  Each one of her "babies" has a history and a story, but none like mine.  She has finally come to the realization that I will never come home again and being vindictive is not something I would want for her to feel so she decided to turn this devastating event into something with a positive purpose. I didn't die in vain.   Through my death, "THE FRIENDS OF OTIS" Foundation was born.

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