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Meet Our Clinic Cats


Meet  Tommy and Ginger, our sweet, loving clinic cats. Not only do they live here and provide us with daily laughs but they also have duties of their own. As a clinic cat they are occasionally needed to help save other patients in the hospital in providing blood transfusions. You will often see Ginger lounging around the front counter, and if your bill is wrong you can blame Tommy, as he thinks keyboards are meant to be walked on.

Ginger is 100% pure sass.   You've probably seen her begging  near her treat drawer or lounging in her bed on the front counter.   She will eat any snack she can scavenge from banana bread to donuts .  Which may be a hint as to why she's got that belly.


Tommy may look a little rough, but that's because he is.  This stubborn cat is always looking for love or a chance to harrass the other clinic cats for the majority of the bed.  

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